Photo Studio


The award-winning students of the Commercial Photography program at Trimble Technical High School spend many hours a week honing their craft. As the largest photography program in the district, this Title I school has thrived in accommodating students in the major with professional resources and worldly exposure. There are currently approximately sixty students from grades 9-12 who are endorsed as Photography majors in the Program of Choice school.

Photography for Education is the brainchild of instructor, Nicole Carter, as a method to involve the community in the success of its future entrepreneurs; garnering a support system for the students through internships, community service, and outreach opportunities. Students are also partnered with other non profits who need photography services giving them an opportunity to give back to their community as well. 


Through 178 Pixels students are able to showcase their skills and talents, book sessions, and sell prints and merch. 100% of the sales and proceeds goes back to expounding the program.