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Spotlight: the bitter sweet of being a senior in high school

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Junior year was all about grades and AP classes and SATs/ACTs and prepping for college. But senior year felt like we finally made it!! We could feel the nostalgia starting to set in. But the first semester of senior year has been anything but a cakewalk.

“I had a horrible first day. My friend picked me up for school but forgot to take me home... I found out that my major teacher had left... and we did not have a replacement.” [Gianna G.] “I was being hunted down all day by the security guard because I was wearing a skirt. Mrs. Epps wanted me to get in trouble soooo bad.” [Zyonn S.] “Yeah cause you was looking a lil’ too thick!” [Angie S.] Still, we were all excited to find out who the new teacher would be. “I talked to Ramos and he said he had something in the works with some guy, but his old district wouldn’t relinquish him from his contract. I was personally a little offended because [Mrs.] Shannon hyped this year up and told us all this cool stuff we’d be doing and how she’d never leave Tech just to find out we were the class where she’d left.” [Anya I.] Despite this, there was somewhat of a thrill in working with someone new. Ariana was dead set on leaving the class since she thought she needed an additional math credit. Eric actually left the class on account of a bad experience with our old teacher. He did not agree to re-enroll into the class until after we assured him our old teacher was not back. It was crazy, because by the time you’re a senior, you’re the most experienced person on campus. You are used to everything, and nothing has changed, especially in terms of your major. You’re supposed to have one major instructor for all four years, but at this rate, our class had a different teacher every year. We had two full weeks with no teacher before news broke that Mrs. Carter was finally on campus. Anya and Zyonn were not there because they had a volleyball tournament. “They made me send them a picture of Mrs. Carter!” [Arianna F.] “We were waiting at the door for the teacher to come in. We were chattering loudly, guessing what she would look like. Then she finally does come in everybody’s all quiet.” Mrs. Carter is not at all what we expected. “I thought she was gonna be young and white.” [Vianey M.] But Mrs. Carter came in like a whirlwind and has become a sort of a mom figure to us. She cares about us, and she does fun real-life projects where we’re on location. This is more like a real photographer job, rather than taking still lifes for contests. “I love her.” [Fiorela M.] “She makes herself available. She understands us.” [Arianna F.] The whole class has nothing but good things to say about her.

“She’s very helpful.”

“She’s patient with us, and she doesn’t show favoritism. She’s funny.”

[Diayan V., Emily E., Deisy G., Michelle S.]

“In the past, Photography was a little grey. But now it’s full of color, and a class I’m excited to come to.” [Michelle S.]

We are the most excited for our senior portrait project, because it’s a real life business application, and it’s made us all closer. In previous years, we were sectioned off into our own little cliques. “I thought Eric was mean when I first met him!” [Karla S.] But now we’re all friends and we actually talk to one another. Senior year kind of sucks in that aspect, because we meet all these new people and do all these new things and we'll have to leave soon. We will likely not see the class blog or Senior Portrait project totally take off, or be able to watch the legacy unfold. But it is still so cool to be a part of it; a part of the beginning of something potentially great. “I’m graduating in December, but this has been a great class to end with. I will not forget it, and Mrs. Carter is probably the only teacher I’ll miss.” [Alyzandra R.]

The rest of us are not even halfway done, but we already know the only way to accurately sum up senior year would be “bittersweet.” We’re finally leaving, having come into our adult selves over the course of the past four years. We’re doing a lot of cool things, which had not been thought possible as underclassmen. We’ve already left our marks on the campus, whether it was joining a new club or making history as the first school team to win a volleyball playoff game; but we know there’s so much more to come, especially with this new union we’ve formed with one another. This is going to be a senior year for the books!

Commercial Photography Class of 2019

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